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Washington DC’s subway system can be a great way to get around.  The system is known as the Washington Metro, or “Metro” for short.  The six line, 91 station system interconnects the city and nearby suburbs in Maryland and Virginia.  It can be a great way to avoid the notorious DC traffic and go straight to the National Mall, the Smithsonian Museums, the White House, sporting events, and much more.

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Metro hours, fees, and other information

Hours Day Hours Monday – Thursday 5am – 11:30pm Friday 5am – 1am (Saturday) Saturday 7am – 1am (Sunday) Sunday 8am – 11pm Metro trains do not typically follow a fixed schedule.  In general...


Metro maps

Understanding the DC Metro map is important for navigating the system successfully.  The map can take many forms, both stylized, and to scale.  Native mapping apps on your cell phone will usually also include...


9 DC metro tips and tricks

Tip 1: Stand to the Right During weekday mornings, Metro’s main use is for commuters who are late for work. During the late afternoon, the system becomes crowded with riders eager to get home after...


10 Metro stops for popular DC attractions

Washington DC offers some of the greatest monuments, memorials, museums, and famous buildings that America has to offer. If you’re visiting the nation’s capital, chances are pretty good that you’re looking forward to take...