Tell us about your company is a destination for hundreds of people every day who are looking for information about how to get around and what to do in Washington DC and the surrounding area. If your company is part of DC's transportation or tourism industry, we would love to add you to our site. We plan to continue expanding the areas which we cover, and would like to develop directories for local businesses.

To be added to our site, please send an email to with information about your business. If it fits our site, we will summarize this to make it useful for our users, and comparable to the information that we provide about other area companies. We're especially interested in hearing what makes you special, and why you're a great choice for people in need of your services. There is no cost to be added to our site. We want to provide people with as many options as we can.

Targeted Advertising uses Google Adsense for various advertisements across our site. If your company is a Google AdWords user, it is very easy place advertising on our website. Since users on our site are primarily interested in DC transportation options, we believe that the site is a great venue for many companies in the industry.

You can add to your managed placements from any ad campaign's 'Networks' Tab, or from the 'Placement Tool'. emember that our site tends to be very targeted toward a competative field. Users on our site are searching specifically for transit options, which means that you may need to adjust your CPC bid to show up on our site. As always, your ads are displayed on a CPC basis, unless you set AdWords up differently, so you only pay for actual clicks.

We hope that is a benefit to your company, and the entire DC community, and visitors planning trips to the nation's capital.