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Metro hours, fees, and other information


Day Hours
Monday – Thursday 5am – 11:30pm
Friday 5am – 1am (Saturday)
Saturday 7am – 1am (Sunday)
Sunday 8am – 11pm

Metro trains do not typically follow a fixed schedule; In general expect:

  • A train every 4-8 minutes on each line during peak hours
  • A train every 8-12 minutes on each line midday and evenings on weekdays
  • A train every 12-20 minutes on each line weekends

Pay attention to advisories which may impact service.  These are posted online and are announced throughout stations.

Some holidays have different hours.  Expect additional hours on Independence day, and limited weekend hours Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


Metro fares are higher during peak times, on weekdays from opening to 9:30 am, and 3pm to 7pm, as well as weekends from midnight to closing.

Time Fare
Peak (Weekdays open-9:30am, 3pm-7pm, Weekends midnight-closing) $2.25-$6.00
Off-peak (all other times) $2.00-$3.85

For exact fares use WMATA’s TripPlanner or see fare tables for a specific station.

Photo by flickr user Mr.TinDC


Fares are paid using a reusable SmarTrip card.  These can be purchased at stations from kiosks, which are also used to recharge SmarTrip cards.  SmarTrip cards use RFID, and can be “touched” to sensors at station fare gates, on busses, or on fare kiosks to scan the card and pay.  On the DC Metro system, scan the same SmarTrip card when you both enter and exist the system to complete a trip.

SmarTrip cards work on many local bus systems, including MetroBus.  They are also used to pay for parking at Metro station parking facilities.  (More about parking from WMATA here)


  • It is unlawful to eat, drink, or smoke on the Metro system.
  • With the exception of service animals, pets are only allowed on Metro if they are in a secured container from which they cannot escape.
  • Bicycles are also allowed on Metro, except during rush hours of 7-10 am and 4-7 pm on weekdays, and the 4th of July or during other special events with large crowds. Bicycle riders must use elevators, and should use the end doors (as opposed to the center doors) of any cars. Up to two bicycles are allowed in each car on weekdays, and up to 4 on weekends. (See the full bike policy here)



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