This map shows the approxmiate location of trains currently running in the DC Metrorail system. Letters indicate the station at the end of the line in the direction which the train is traveling. This is not always the train's destination, as some trains do not travel to the end of the line. Click on a station for more information on when trains are scheduled to arrive.

During peak hours, Washington DC's metro system is full of trains happily taking people to their destinations. Late at night or on the weekends, however, cars can be few and far between. The wait for a train can easily be 15 or 20 minutes, and can be much longer if sections of the system are running on one rail, which is not uncommon during weekend construction.

You can now say goodbye to your long wait in the depths of DC, with no wireless connection and nothing to stare at the hexagonal pattern of tiles endlessly lining the station platform. This interactive metro train locator will tell you where the next train is, right now, and when it will be at your station, so that you can perfectly time your trip and avoid that monotonous wait.

Reading this map is simple. Stations are indicated by circles, colored by line. Letters indicate trains, labeled by the first letter of the name of terminus station in the direction in which the train is traveling. (It is possible that this is not the station that the train will be commencing its trip at. During busy hours or construction, some trains may travel a shorter route). Clicking on a station will bring up information about when trains will arrive (this is the same information that you would get on the message boards in each station).

Hopefully this helps you plan your trip, and takes away a bit of the stress of traveling in Washington DC.

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