Virginia Railway Express

The Manassas Line

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VRE's Manassas line has the following stops:

  • Broad Run Airport
  • Manassas
  • Manassas Park
  • Burke Centre
  • Rolling Road
  • Backlick Road
  • Alexandria
  • Crystal City
  • L'Enfant
  • Union Station

Some of trains that follow this route are operated by Amtrak, and do not stop at all VRE stops. Northbound trains leave Manassas between 5:11am and 7:56am, with additional trains leaving at 10:19am (Amtrak), 2:51pm, and 5:16pm. Trains arrive at Union Station between 6:18am and 9:05 am, and at 11:20am, 3:55pm, and 6:25pm respectively. A single train leaves Union Station at 6:25am (arriving at Manassas at 7:30am, with limited stops), with most trains leaving between 1:15pm and 6:50pm, and arriving in Manassas between 2:19pm and 7:54pm. A full schedule can be found on VRE's website here.

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