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Red Line Details

Metro's Red Line services Maryland's Montgomery County and Washington DC. The line terminates at Shady Grove Station to the west, and Glenmont Station to the east. During busy times, some trains instead travel between Grosvenor-Strathmore Station and Silver Spring Station rather than traveling to either end of the line. During these times, take note of the train's destination by looking at information signs in the station and on the train if traveling beyond one of those destinations.

The Red Line does not share track with any other lines, but it does intersect each other line:

While not connected underground, passengers may also travel above ground from Farragut North Station to Farragut West Station (Orange Line, Blue Line) with no charge within 30 minutes. This can be faster than transferring at Metro Center Station depending on where you are traveling.

Amtrak, VRE, and MARC train systems are available from Union Station on the Red Line.

List of Stations

Stations are listed from west to east.

Maryland (West)

Washington DC

Maryland (East)

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