Arlington County, VA

A hybrid taxicab waits in Arlington, VA. Photo by Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz (CC SA-3.0)

Taxi fares in the Arlington, VA, are set by the county. Rates are measured by the 1/5th of a mile, and are $2.00/mile plus additional fees.

  • Initial 1/5 mile: $2.75
  • Each additional 1/5 mile: $0.40
  • Each additional passenger (over 6): $1.00
  • Surcharge for trips originating from National Airport (DCA): $1.75
  • Each bag in excess of 2 handled by driver: $0.50
  • Each footlocker or similar sized case, handled by driver: $2.00
  • Waiting time: $0.40 every 64 seconds
  • 25% of base fare

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