Falls Church, VA

Rates for Falls Church, VA. Photo by Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz (CC SA-3.0)

Falls Church, VA, has metered taxi cab rates of $1.75 per mile, measured in 1/5th mile increments, and starting at $2.75 for the first 1/5th mile, along with the fees below.

  • Initial 1/5 mile: $2.75
  • Each additional 1/5 mile: $0.35
  • Wait time ($0.35 every 60 seconds): $21 per hour
  • Each additional passenger (except for those under 12): $1.00
  • Luggage handled by the driver, per item: $0.50
  • Large luggage handled by the driver: $2.00
  • Grocery bags or other small items handled by the driver, in excess of 2 bags: $0.25 each, but no more than $1.00 per passenger
  • Animal, other than service animals: $1.00
  • Personal service: $0.75
  • Cleaning charge (if taxi needs immediate cleaning: $4.00

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