Prince George's County, MD

Rates for Prince George's, MD. Photo by Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz (CC SA-3.0)

Prince George's County taxi cab rates are regulated by the county, and are metered. They are charged by the 1/7th of a mile, at $2.75/mile, and $3.00 for the first 1/7th of a mile. There is an additional $1.00 fuel surcharge, in effect through June 30, 2012, which does not apply to riders over age 60.

  • Initial 1/7 mile: $3.00
  • Each additional 1/7 mile: $0.25
  • Fuel surcharge (except for riders over age 60): $1.00
  • Taxi which is stopped or traveling at less than 12 mph: $0.25 per min
  • Each additional passenger (except for those under 6 over 60, or attendants for the disabled): $1.00
  • Use of trunk, or personal service provided by the driver: $1.00
  • Animal, other than service animals: $1.00
  • Trips originating between 8:00PM and 6:00AM: $1.00
  • Each 80 seconds of waiting time: $22.50/hour
  • Snow emergency when declared by the county: $3.00

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