Washington DC

Rates for Washington DC. Photo by twofivesevenzero (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Taxi fares in the district are governed by the taxicab commission. Rates are measured by the 1/6th of a mile, and are $1.50/mile plus additional fees.

  • Initial 1/6 mile: $3.00
  • Each additional 1/6 mile: $0.25
  • Each additional passenger: $1.50
  • Surcharge for trips originating from National Airport (DCA): $2.50
  • Each bag in excess of 1 handled by driver: $0.50
  • Each bag/article in excess of 3 cubic feet: $2.00
  • Dispatch fee (for phone request): $2.00
  • Dismissal without use (after cab arrives): $1.50
  • Small animal not enclosed in box or basket (except guide dogs): $1.00
  • Personal service requested by passenger: $2.00
  • Waiting time*: $15.00/hour
  • Snow emergency when declared by D.C. Taxicab Comission (includes additional fees): 25% of base fare
Waiting time includes:
  • Time beginning 5 min after scheduled arrival at pick up location
  • Time while taxicab is stopped or at speeds of less than 10 mph for more than 1 min
  • Time for delays or stops en route at the passenger's request

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