Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Located on the south-west edge of the tidal basin, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is a path through the presidency of FDR. The memorial is a pathway spread over 7.5 acres with sections for each of the president's terms in office. Unlike most DC memorials with a distinctive centerpiece, the path is long and varied, much like FDR's time in office.

Walls, statues, and water features depict the president's time in office, during the Great Depression, through the beginning of World War II. Distinct sections of the era are presented, from a bread line depicting the depression when FDR took office, his fireside chats, the implementation of his "New Deal", and quotes on his attitude about the war and the nation throughout his tenure.

Memorial Location

Nestled between the southwest side of the Tidal Basin and recreational fields, the monument chronologically flows from northwest to southeast. While it can be explored in either direction, it is recommended to start as approaching from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. A memorial bookstore stands near the memorial's entrance.

At a 1 mile walk from Smithsonian Station, or about 1.5 miles from L'Enfant Station and Foggy Bottom Station, making it one of the harder National Mall area attractions to reach. It is adjacent to both the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and Jefferson Memorial.

Directions from Smithsonian Station

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  • Head east on Independence Ave; stay on the eastbound side.
  • Cross the northern portion of the Tidal Basin, then continue to follow the basin to the memorial.

Directions from L'Enfant Station

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  • Take D St. SW east until you reach 12th St. SW.
  • Turn left on 12th St. SW and continue south to Maine Ave. SW.
  • Turn right on Maine St. SW and cross when you get a chance.
  • Upon reaching the tidal basin, follow the basin either direction to reach the memorial.

Directions from Foggy Bottom Station

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  • Take 23rd St. NW South to the Lincoln Memorial.
  • Continue south to Ohio Dr. SW.
  • Take Ohio Dr. SW to the left until you reach West Basin Dr. SW.
  • Turn left and continue until you reach the memorial on your right.


  • Open 24 Hours
  • Rangers on duty: 9:30am - 11:30pm



Ohio Dr SW Washington D.C., DC 20024

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